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πŸ“ Connector info

πŸ† Exchange Tier

Silver exchanges are prioritized by HBOT holders in the latest Poll. Their connectors are maintained by Hummingbot Foundation via community developer bounties, tracking improvements made to the Gold connectors.

ℹ️ Exchange Info

πŸ•ΈοΈ Supported Chains and Networks

  • ethereum: mainnet, arbitrum_one, goerli
  • avalanche: avalanche, fuji
  • binance-smart-chain: mainnet, testnet
  • harmony: mainnet
  • polygon: mainnet, mumbai

πŸ”‘ Connection

Run gateway connect sushiswap in order to connect your wallet:

Which chain do you want sushiswap to connect to? (ethereum, binance-smart-chain, polygon) >>>
Which network do you want sushiswap to connect to? (mainnet, goerli) >>>
Enter your ethereum-mainnet private key >>>>

If connection is successful:

The sushiswap connector now uses wallet [pubKey] on ethereum-mainnet