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📁 Connector Info

🏆 Exchange Tier

Bronze exchange connectors have passed the Minimum Voting Power Threshold in the latest Poll and are included in each monthly release. They are not maintained by Hummingbot Foundation but may be maintained by a community member.

ℹī¸ Exchange Info

🔑 Setup

  1. Follow the instructions on Setting up Gateway to install the Gateway Docker container
  2. Run gateway connect quickswap and follow the prompts to add your wallet private key. Like all API and private keys in Hummingbot, this key is encrypted with your Hummingbot password.
  3. Afterwards, run create to create an AMM Arbitrage strategy between Quickswap and a different exchange.
  4. Run start to start the strategy!

📘 Additional Resources

See Polygon for more information about the default configuration settings and how to change them.