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Governance Docs

The purpose of the Hummingbot Foundation is to empower the HBOT token holders to govern many aspects of Hummingbot, such as:

  • Approving pull requests to the Hummingbot codebase
  • Proposing improvements and architectural changes to the Hummingbot codebase
  • Modifying parameters of the HBOT governance system
  • Electing the foundation's Board of Directors
  • Allocating grants and other expenditures of the community treasury

Vote with HBOT

Key Artifacts

Hummingbot Foundation maintains the resources below to make the governance process transparent to the community:

  • HBOT Tracker: A public Google Sheet maintained by the Foundation, this shows you the real-time HBOT circulating supply, approved proposals, active bounties, and HBOT distributions.

  • Bounties Board: A public Github board for bug fixes and proposed enhancements with development bounties attached to them.

  • Pull Request Status: A public Github board for active pull requests that are being voted on, reviewed, and merged.

More Information

Hummingbot employs a decentralized, community-driven maintenance process that relies upon contributions by a decentralized network of community developers.

  • Proposals: HBOT token holders can create and vote on various types of proposals to steer the evolution of the project. Each proposal type may have different guidelines, HBOT balance requirements, and approval/quorum thresholds.
  • Polls: Different polls that the Foundation conducts each month to encourage HBOT governance
  • Bounties: Process of creating and assigning developer bounties for making improvements to the Hummingbot codebase
  • Releases: Process of reviewing and merging pull requests into official monthly releases
  • Epochs: Quarterly periods with fixed exchange and strategy tiers that are defined via polls

How to Participate

We use a number of platforms that enable community engagement in different ways. Below, we offer guidance to help the community decide how to participate in governance.


The Governance category in our Discord has various channels that users can use to discuss proposals and polls, as well as general discussions.


All proposal voting occur on the offical Hummingbot Snapshot, which features an off-chain, gas-less voting system that allows you to vote by signing messages using your HBOT token balance as of a certain block.

Each proposal type has its Snapshot sub-space: