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Building CEX Connectors

What are exchange connectors?

Exchange connectors are packages of code that link Hummingbot's internal trading algorithms with live information from different cryptocurrency exchanges. They interact with a given exchange's API, such as by gathering order book data and sending and cancelling trades.

CEX Connector Development Checklist

For spot exchanges, we have a Notion template available which you can use as a checklist for developing the connector and it should help you understand the main components and functionalities of each class. You can view the template here


You can find the existing connectors here. Note that each folder contained here marks different exchange connector types. These should serve as a template for creating a new exchange connector.

Building a new exchange connector requires conforming to the template code to the new exchange's APIs, identifying and handling any differences in functions/behaviors, and testing the new exchange connector on that exchange.

The Gold Standard

We recommend referring to the Binance Spot and the Bybit Perpetual connectors as the most up-to-date connector implementations in the codebase.

Exchange connector requirements

Introducing an exchange connector into the Hummingbot code base requires a mutual commitment from the Hummingbot team and community developers to maintaining a high standard of code quality and software reliability.

We encourage and welcome contributions from the community, subject to the guidelines and expectations outlined below.

  1. Connector folder: A folder that contains a complete set of connector files based off of the examples above.
  2. Unit tests: Tests that cover at least 80% of the new code — see the tests in the connectors above.
  3. Inline code comments (particularly for any code that is materially different from the templates)
  4. Documentation: Documentation that contains useful information about the exchange for bot users

Process overview

  1. Build a spot or perp connector that fulfills the requirements listed in the Build process and the QA Testing process.

  2. Submit a pull request with the connector to the development branch in Github, following the Contribution Guidelines.

  3. Submit a Pull Request Proposal (PRP) in the Hummingbot PRP Snapshot. In particular, the PRP should identify a dedicated maintainer who will be responsible for fixing bugs and applying updates.

Only connectors

Additional resources

For questions, please visit the #developer-chat channel on our Discord or post your question under the Connectors topic in the official forum.