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For Sponsors

Hummingbot's bounty system lets sponsors tap into the thousands of quant traders and developers globally who run Hummingbot. Bounties offer a platform for those seeking development work on exchange connectors, strategies, bug fixes, and more to connect with skilled developers capable of building these solutions.

If you are interested in sponsoring a bounty, here's how you can get started.

Who are Sponsors?

Typically, bounty sponsors include:

  • Exchanges who want Hummingbot connectors updated, bugs fixed, or content created
  • DAOs for blockchain or DEX protocols who approve grants for Hummingbot integrations
  • Individuals or trading firms who want private Hummingbot connectors or strategies

Bounty Sizing

Below are general guidelines to help Sponsors determine how much budget to allocate for Hummingbot bounties.

Bugs and Enhancements

Hummingbot Foundation classifies bugs and enhancements into 3 tiers depending on level of effort and severity:

  • P3: Trivial / Fixable in 1-2 hours
  • P2: General / Fixable in 1-2 days
  • P1: Critical / Fixable in 2-3 days

Currently, here are the bounty amounts we give for each priority tier:

Priority HBOT USDT
P3 10,000 50
P2 50,000 250
P1 100,000 500

New Connectors

Bounty amounts for new connectors vary depending on the level of effort entailed.

Here are past bounties and grants for new connectors that the Hummingbot community have approved:

Proposal Connector Type Bounty Amount Status
HIP-23 Ripple Chain, DEX 1,500,000 HBOT Active
HIP-26 Cosmos Chain 1,000,000 HBOT Paid
HGP-26 (perp) PERP CEX 750,000 HBOT Paid
HGP-26 Kucoin (perp) PERP CEX 750,000 HBOT Paid
HIP-25 dYdX (upgrade) PERP DEX 250,000 HBOT Paid
HGP-19 LBank SPOT CEX 200,000 HBOT Paid

New Strategies

Similar to connectors, bounty amounts for new strategies vary depending on level of effort.

Here are past bounties and grants related to strategies and strategy improvements that the Hummingbot community have approved:

Proposal Strategy Bounty Amount Status
HIP-6 Fixed Grid 400,000 HBOT Paid
HIP-19 Hedge 400,000 HBOT Paid

Service Fee

Hummingbot Foundation charges Sponsors a Service Fee for overseeing the entire lifecycle of a bounty: scoping the bounty, finding and assigning the bounty to a qualified contributor, performing engineering/QA review, and conducting payments. This saves you a lot of time and effort.

The standard Service Fee is 20%. If a Sponsor submits a 1000 USDT total bounty, the Service Fee is 200 USDT and the Contributor receives 800 USDT.

If the bounty is denominated in HBOT, the Service Fee is 5%. If a Sponsor submits a 100,000 HBOT total bounty, the Service Fee is 5000 HBOT and the Contributor receives 95,000 HBOT.

Guide for Sponsors

Step 1: Create bounty

To start, visit the Hummingbot Discord server using this link: Once there, navigate to the #bounties channel and create a new thread discussing the specific issue or enhancement you wish to sponsor. You may also create a Github issue here.

Ensure your thread/issue outlines the problem or improvement in detail, highlighting the reasons you believe it's important, and how the Hummingbot community could benefit from addressing it. The issue should provide a clear description of the work required, the acceptance criteria, and an appropriate schedule or bounty amount given the scope of work.

After you've created the Discord thread or Github issue, Foundation will collaborate with you to fully scope the bounty. This process will involve creating a detailed Github issue or editing an existing one. This which will serve as the official record for the bounty.

If you have questions about these issues or the Community Bounties process in general, please ask our community manager Carlito in Discord.

Step 2: Fund bounty

In order to fund the bounty, the Sponsor should send the total bounty amount to a designated Foundation wallet:

Since HBOT is an Ethereum ERC-20 token, all HBOT bounties must be sent to the Ethereum wallet.

Step 3: Let us handle the rest!

Once we have received the bounty funds, we will add the bounty to Bounties Board and begin the process of matching developers, managing submissions, and disbursing the bounty to the developer who successfully completes the task.

Throughout this process, you can stay involved by monitoring progress, participating in discussions, and providing feedback. However, the administrative and management aspects will be handled by the Hummingbot Foundation, allowing you to focus on more important things!

By sponsoring a bounty, you're making a significant contribution to the Hummingbot project, enabling important improvements and new features that will benefit the entire community!