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Systematic approach to Liquidity Mining - ROI based analytics and simple experiments


by Diego C

How to make 10% monthly passive income from your crypto Assets

Systematic approach to Liquidity Mining - �ROI based analytics

INTRODUCTION (Skip it if you are a pro and go to data collection & strategies below):

The end goal for Liquidity Mining strategies would be to beat traditional staking and farming yields in DEFI/CEFI using your crypto assets.

So if you HODL crypto assets in Exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, or Ascendex and you are not using it for trading, staking or yield farming on these platforms, then you are missing on potential passive income from these assets.

That is when Liquidity Mining comes in place:

Capital Deployment for Hummingbot

Alt text

by Dalskie

I am glad of this opportunity to share our insights that enable us to grow our fund, while also providing a consistent monthly income stream for our families. My sincere gratitude goes to Hummingbot Foundation & CoinAlpha!

A short personal intro & back story may be appropriate as only 3 persons in discord community knows me. My apologies for not joining the chat channels, as I am simply shy and not have much to offer in discussion when it comes to IT, Crypto, & trading topics.

2 years ago, & beyond, I was an Architect by profession, worked in Singapore for 12+ years. I left the profession to take care of our baby named, Rafael Loveign. Crypto opportunities have really helped me achieved my longing to be with my baby, & family.

In April of 2021, my husband has excitedly shared about his discovery of Hummingbot software that he used to mine rewards by simply providing liquidity. I was ecstatic to know another great potential for us to venture into, reminiscing the days of his discovery of ETH mining via graphic cards. Unfortunately, I was not able yet to get involved at this early stage. He was still experimenting with different strategies for the next 2-3 months. I remembered the 2021 mid-year market crash has dampened our enthusiasm & doubted whether this new liquidity mining venture would be worth of our time, effort, & capital to continue with.

Strategy Coding for Dummies


by Ben Smeaton

Hi! I've been using hummingbot for about a year on and off and wanted to give an overview on how to actually go about defining your own strategies. I got into market making because of a hobbyist interest in python coding and I was at that time tinkering with buying and selling shares automatically on the stock market which was incredibly unsuccessful.

Humming Bot is very accessible for hobby coders due to its mainly python-based code base and the fact that its all open source (Meaning you can play around with the code). It's pretty easy to scrape together your own strategies although it�s taken quite a lot of trial and error to get there myself! I wanted to give a basic idea of how you can go about doing this in the simplest way possible.

Favorite Hummingbot Parameters

Alt text

by Jemz Obmaz

Hey guys, Jazzy here. I am officially helping my sister Dalskie on operating the Hummingbot bots.

I am not well versed yet on crypto & trading stuff, but really find it intriguing & unbelievable world to be living in. I am happy to have made my long-time dream to be working from home, and be my own boss so to speak. What a wonderful, life-changing this opportunity gives my family, especially financially. Thank you so much, Hummingbot!

About the bot strategy, we are using the Pure Market Making (PMM) Strategy.

Ok, same thing, this post is NOT financial advice, & any user following this will be respectively responsible for his / her own results. Please don�t blame me for any future losses you will surely experience. Its not because of me, Hummingbot or the strategy, it is because people panic selling. Period.

So why PMM strategy? Hmm, well it works, & simple. I have learned to use it even without nerdy background. Its not I am super smart or whatever. Its thanks to the software or strategy itself. And of course, thanks to Dalskie.

I am now about to share the favorite parameters that I set for all bots. Roll up your sleeves, guys, lets get officially started.

A guide to increasing order flow for liquidity mining

Alt text

by Mohammed Badran

Note: This article assumes that you’re familiar with trading, market making, and liquidity mining. If you don’t understand any of those concepts, read this first.

In the fictional world of Dune, the most precious substance in the universe is the spice. The spice extends life, expands consciousness, and is vital to space travel.

Likewise, but in the very real world of liquidity mining, the most precious substance in the market is the order. The order allows trading, enables market making, and is vital to liquidity rewards.

How to trade crypto: an introduction


Crypto trading has been in a frenzy lately and many investors are looking for ways to participate in the crypto market. There are several ways to gain profit from cryptocurrency and various methods to do so. If you exclude crypto mining from the equation, which is a whole different method of crypto-acquiring process, the steps that one would need to follow to enter the crypto market are the following:

  • Make an account in a crypto exchange
  • Determine your trading method
  • Fund your account
  • Pick a token to invest in
  • Analyze marketing trends and indicators
  • Choose your strategy

In this topic we will elaborate each of the steps mentioned above presenting the main aspects that a new trader should take into consideration before making a decision.

Common Hallmarks of Successful Miners


by Kyle Mizui

Disclaimer: The content of this article is provided by our blog contributor Kyle Mizui and does not represent the views of CoinAlpha Inc./Hummingbot. The content below does NOT constitute investment, financial, legal, or tax advice, nor does any of the information contained on this article constitute a recommendation, solicitation, or offer to buy or sell any digital assets, securities, options, or other financial instruments or other assets, or to provide any investment advice or service.

Hummingbot has a leaderboard that tracks the highest-paid miners on the platform. You must be wondering, what are the top miners doing that is earning them thousands of dollars a week? This piece is a result of discussions with some of the miners who are in the Eagle Club, and we hope it unveils some of the things profitable miners do.

Beginner’s Top Misconceptions about Market Making on Hummingbot


by Kyle Mizui

Trading is a rewarding and risky activity. If you’re new to hummingbot, welcome! You’re in the midst of a mature community that has found market making to be both exciting and profitable in the long term. That might be you, but before you go all-in and mortgage your house in crypto trading, here are top seven pitfalls and misconceptions that all Hummingbot beginners face. This article works best if you’ve at least spent some time taking Hummingbot on a test drive, but it’s by no means a requirement. Read it well, as they say, prevention is better than cure, and a dollar saved is a dollar earned.

Tips for Handling Different Market Conditions


by Owen Hobbs

Tips for Handling Different Market Conditions

In numerous ways, markets can resemble the waves of the ocean. Both have peaks, bottoms, and ultimately return to a midpoint or sea level. The approach one takes to navigate the waves is largely dependent on the weather or market conditions affecting them. In this article, we are going to discuss a few of the ways someone using Hummingbot could navigate the various market conditions such as ranging, uptrend, and downtrend.