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A Strategy is a template for an algorithmic trading strategy that users can configure, extend, and run. The trading strategy itself is a continual process that monitors trading pairs on one or more exchanges in order to make trading decisions.

Strategies separate trading logic, open source code that defines how the strategy behaves, versus parameters, user-defined variables like spread and order amount that control how the strategy is deployed against live market conditions. Strategy parameters are stored in a local config file that is not exposed externally.

Strategies utilize the standardized trading interfaces exposed by exchange and protocol connectors, enabling developers to write code that can be used across many exchanges. Each Hummingbot strategy is a sub-folder in the /hummingbot/strategy folder.

Strategy Tiers

Quarterly Polls allow the Hummingbot community to vote using HBOT tokens to decide which strategies in the codebase should be core strategies maintained by the Foundation:


Core strategies are maintained and continually improved by Hummingbot Foundation. Foundation staff focuses on testing these strategies and rewards users who answer questions related to these strategies on Discord.

Strategy Maintainer Description
pure_market_making Hummingbot Foundation Our original single-pair market making strategy
cross_exchange_market_making Hummingbot Foundation Provide liquidity while hedging filled orders on another exchange
amm_arb Hummingbot Foundation Exploits price differences between AMM and spot exchanges


Community strategies have passed the Minimum Voting Power Threshold in the latest Poll and are included in each monthly release. They are not maintained by Hummingbot Foundation but may be maintained by a community member.

Strategy Maintainer Description
avellaneda_market_making None Single-pair market making strategy based on the classic Avellaneda-Stoikov paper
aroon_oscillator None Modified version of Pure Market Making that uses Aroon technical indicator
cross_exchange_mining bsmeaton Community-maintained mod of Cross Exchange Market Making strategy
hedge leastchaos Hedges spot exchange inventory risk using perpetual swaps
liquidity_mining None Provide liquidity on multiple pairs using a single base or quote token
perpetual_market_making None Market-making strategy for perpetual swap markets
spot_perpetual_arbitrage None Exploits price differences between spot and perpetual swap exchanges
twap None Places a batch of limit orders over a period of time

Strategy Maintenance

Strategies may have a maintainer who is responsible for ongoing maintenance: fixing bugs, addressing user issues, and keeping up with Hummingbot codebase updates. Specifically, maintainer responsibilities include:

  • Addressing user Github issues and pull requests related to the strategy
  • Keeping the strategy updated for changes to the connector changes for each exchange type supported by the strategy
  • Keeping the strategy's documentation page updated

Contributing Strategies

We encourage users to create and extend Strategy templates for their own purposes, and if they so desire, share them with the community.

Developers may submit strategies for review. Please note the Contribution Guidelines. For developers interested to create or customize their own strategies, please see Strategies in the Developers section.

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