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Release Notes - Version 0.45.0

Released on November 2, 2021

New Market Making Strategy: Aroon Oscillator

In this release, we shipped out a new strategy into production which was the winning submission for our first Open DeFi hackathon.

The strategy attempts to take a well-known set of market indicators called Aroon Indicators that collect trade prices over a configurable set of periods of a given duration. They represent how recent the highest highs and the lowest lows are. And the Oscillator Indicator can strongly suggest a market trend.

More information in Aroon Oscillator documentation.

New Strategy: Hedge

The winning submission for the recent dYdX hackathon bounty is also available starting this release. This strategy allows you to hedge a market making strategy by automatically opening short positions on dydx_perpetual or another perp exchange. Configs like hedge_ratio allow you to customize how much to hedge. Users are expected to run this strategy alongside another market making strategy.

More information in Hedge documentation.

Client UI Improvements

New Hummingbot UI

  • Adjusted default panel colors to create a division between the input pane and log pane
  • Changed top panel colors including paper trade mode indicator
  • Added a button in the upper-right corner or press CTRL + T to open and close the log pane
  • Added global configuration parameters allowing users to specify and customize colors inside the client terminal (top-pane, bottom-pane, output-pane, input-pane, logs-pane, terminal-primary)
  • Press CTRL + R to reset the style to use default colors

Developer Updates

  • Added HTTP Referer header into _create_order requests in bybit_perpetual connector
  • Previously, we instruct users to install the required dependencies using pip when creating a Docker image on ARM. Since miniconda already supports ARM architecture, we updated the Dockerfile to create an image on ARM using miniconda and manage all dependencies
  • Cleaned up unnecessary dependencies from the conda config files for Windows and Mac
  • Removed legacy feature used to enforce a minimum order size in the Hummingbot client when creating or reconfiguring a strategy (min_quote_order_amount, minimum_order_amount, default_min_quote)
  • Removed outdated connectors (bamboo_relay, radar_relay, dolomite, eterbase) and any reference to their code
  • Cleaned up unused and legacy codes found in the codebase. More information in #4420
  • Replaced websockets library with aiohttp in MockWebSocketServer component and the following connectors: binance, binance_perpetual, kucoin, ascend_ex, gate_io, crypto_com, ndax
  • Updated all calls to asyncio.ensure_future() to safe_ensure_future() to ensure proper error logs from background tasks. More information in #2516
  • Removed all Hummingsim dependencies no longer needed. Replaced certain Hummingsim classes with Hummingbot classes. More information in #4260
  • Unit tests added for bitmart connector
  • Unit tests added for ConfigVar class
  • Deprecated MockEventListener class and replaced with EventLogger wherever used
  • Removed get_active_exchange_markets function from the OrderBookDataSource class and wherever used. Also refactored some parts of the code for Liquid exchange that used this function
  • Made a change in the quantization logic to use math.floor to round instead of the native round Python function to fix quantization to the smallest value

Bug Fixes

  • #2274 Corrected trading rule in min_base_amount_increment to fix a bug where an order_amount with decimal values is adjusted unexpectedly on coinbase_pro and liquid
  • #2900 Fixed a bug where cancelling the strategy config creation assigns a None value to all of its parameters
  • #3317 Fixed duplicate logs when orders are filled using kucoin connector
  • #3324 Fixed a bug where positions are not retrieved after restarting Hummingbot when using dydx_perpetual connector
  • #3688 Fixed timeout error when fetching for funding fee with dydx_perpetual connector
  • #3787 Fixed orderbook desynchronization issues with kucoin connector
  • #3967 Fixed Return % in UI navbar not in sync with history command output
  • #4115 Configured bitmart connector to estimate balances to address issues with orders not created consistently in every cycle
  • #4220 Fixed failing to submit orders when order_amount is greater than the available balance in Pure Market Making strategy
  • #4231 Added better error handing in ndax connector to fix errors when cancelling or updating orders
  • #4374 Fixed some Binance test cases that needed to asyncio.sleep to complete
  • #4390 Fixed ascend_ex connector not replying correctly to all PING messages
  • #4425 Fixed status output error with liquidity mining strategy when campaign details are not provided from backend

Other Enhancements

  • When connecting to Kraken exchange from Hummingbot, users can now specify their account tier to manage rate limits more effectively