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Release Notes - Version 0.43.0

Released on September 3, 2021

Simplified Uniswap-v3 LP strategy

In this release, we made some improvements to the Uniswap-v3 LP, which aims to make it easier for Hummingbot users to use compared to its previous version of the strategy.

Read more in our documentation: Uniswap-v3 LP

Developer Updates

  • Unit test coverage requirement for pull requests increased from 66% to 75%
  • Global unit test coverage requirement from 42% to 50%
  • New connectors should include unit tests for all classes/modules. Refer to NDAX connector for examples of such unit tests
  • Rework of the uniswap_v3_lp trading logic reducing complexity #3999
  • Added throttler to NDAX for better rate limit handling #3865
  • Refactor connector to use AsyncThrottler #3922
  • Refactor the AscendEX connector to use AsyncThrottler #3889
  • Added test script for Uniswap V3 to test all endpoints #124
  • Improved order lifecycle logic in NDAX Connector #3866
  • Added a component to assist with mocking network activity for connector unit tests #3947

Bug Fixes

  • #3062 Fixed various commands on Telegram. This also allows the balance command to be executed from the application. Thanks to zappra for this fix! 🙏
  • #2707 Fixed the issue where the bot will fail to run when specifying a custom_api price source in the Pure Market Making config
  • #3452 Fixed issue on Perpetual Market Making where partial fill leads to creating incorrect profit taking order size
  • #3604 Fixed Binance pair parsing where SC-USDT is not being parsed correctly for Binance connector
  • #3710 Fixed a bug on Perpetual Market Making when both orders are filled, the bot opens a position instead of creating a new set of orders
  • #3763 Fixed a bug on Spot Perpetual Arbitrage where the bot does not look for min_divergence after the second arbitrage
  • #3887 Fixed issue with Pure Market Making when the bot does not filter the proposals with invalid prices after it creates the proposals for creating orders