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Release Notes - Version 0.41.0

Released on July 15, 2021

New Spot Connector : is operated by Gate Technology Corp. Their mission is to serve the blockchain industry by providing secure and reliable products & services to consumers and companies around the world.

The "Gate ecosystem" consists of,, HipoDeFi and Gatechain, all of which were created to provide users with a secure, simple and fair trading platform as well as the ability to safeguard assets and trading information.

Read more in our documentation: How to use connector.

New Strategy : TWAP

We took our existing TWAP strategy (Time-weighted Average Price) from the development branch into production to be used in the latest version. This strategy allows users to create either buy or sell orders continuously at a specified time interval in between orders.

For more information, you may read through our TWAP strategy documentation.

New Avellaneda Market Making Feature : Hanging Orders

The hanging orders feature that was previously available only in Pure Market Making strategy, is now added to Avellaneda Market Making.

New Rate Oracle Sources : KuCoin and AscendEX

There were reported issues where some assets are not showing their equivalent USD value as described in #3136. This is because previously, Hummingbot can only use Binance and CoinGecko as sources i.e. if the asset is not listed in any of those two, it cannot be converted.

Starting this release, users can now select KuCoin and AscendEX from the list of options as the source. This will also help liquidity mining participants who are trading on the said exchanges when checking their balances.

Run config rate_oracle_source in Hummingbot to change this setting.


Currently, USD (default) global token does not work with Kucoin and AscendEX, you may need to change your global_token to USDT.

Uniswap v3 LP Improvements

As part of improving the Uniswap v3 LP strategy, we added a profitability calculation to show the performance of open positions in the status command output. A notification in the logs will also show volatility parameters.

In this release, we will continue testing the strategy and get feedback from users for the subsequent iterations.

Other Enhancements

  • #3097 Timestamps are now included in the notifications when a buy or sell order is filled. We want to thank our community member willzs03 for the initial contribution! 🙏

Developer Updates

  • Implemented 66% minimum unit test coverage requirement for all incoming code changes (with the exception of connectors)
  • Unit tests for core network module have been added. Thanks to our community member petioprv for creating the unit tests for pubsub.pyx! 🙏
  • Cleaned up and deleted redundant error catches as well as unused exception in the codebase
  • New connector base class PerpetualTrading based on hummingbot/connector/ to define perpetual trading. More details in this story #3308
  • Refactored Spot Perpetual Arbitrage and Perpetual Market Making strategies to comply with PerpetualTrading interface
  • Updated Binance Perpetual, Perpetual Finance, and DyDx derivative connectors to derive from ExchangeBase and PerpetualTrading instead of DerivativeBase class
  • Added HistoricalVolatilityIndicator indicator class that can be used by any strategy. More details in this story #3629
  • Renamed AverageVolatilityIndicator class to InstantVolatilityIndicator used by Avellaneda Market Making strategy
  • Unit tests added to Avellaneda Market Making strategy
  • Implement a new APIThrottler class which handles the rate limits in several exchange. More information in this pull request #3656

Bug Fixes

  • #2971 Fixed issue with KuCoin balance pulling from both Trading and Main accounts. We want to thank our community member zappra for contributing! 🙏
  • #3226 Fixed funding fee events notification get_funding_info() on Binance Perpetual. Credits again to zappra for this contribution!
  • #3510 KuCoin connector is now usable with paper trading mode using Level-2 order book (aggregated) at 100 pieces of data. More info in KuCoin API docs
  • #3521 Fixed an issue where some trading pairs in KuCoin are not recognized
  • #3578 Fixed issue where hanging orders are not recreated when refreshed after max_order_age takes into effect
  • #3596 Inactive markets in Probit connectors are no longer shown when selecting a trading pair during market configuration
  • #3611 Trading fees in Hummingbot and Kraken exchange should now be displayed correctly
  • #3660 Applied the same pure market making fix for max_order_age feature in Avellaneda market making strategy
  • #3715 Fixed websocket errors with KuCoin connector when using liquidity mining strategy
  • #3716 Fixed issue with Probit KR failing to start and fetch order book data