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Release Notes - Version 0.40.0

Released on June 16, 2021

New Protocol Connector : Uniswap v3

With the new version's Concentrated Liquidity, traders can control over what price ranges their capital is allocated to. In addition, Uniswap v3 allows liquidity providers to be compensated accordingly for taking on varying degrees of risk.

New UniswapV3 Iteration 1 strategy


Create new liquidity positions and automate the process of readjusting these positions once the market price moves outside of the starting price range.

Additional Features : Rate Oracle now in AMM - Arbitrage!

Get rates required to calculate arbitrage proposals profitability.

New Strategy Features with Avellaneda Market-Making


  • A new strategy command that can be initiated when parameters_based_on_spread = true.
  • The order size of the level will be equal to order_amount the spread between the orders will be calculated based on the max_spread, and the new orders related to order levels will be created between the first order and max_spread, distributed exponentially.
  • When parameters_based_on_spread = false, the behaviour of order_levels will be similar to pure_market_making


If you prefer manual control of orders rather than bot calculated order_amount and order_level_parameter, manually set order value of buy/sell, order spread, and order amount with order_override.

You can only set the order_override in the strategy config file you created.

Other Enhancements

  • #3017 Catch and report exceptions when importing scripts in PMM strategy in the event of syntax or module import errors

  • Hummingbot client unit tests for the following:

  • Performance Calculation
  • Core utils
  • All 'dev' strategies
  • Liquidity Mining Strategy
  • Strategy base and common strategy classes
  • Ascendex Connector

Community Contribution

We want to thank 🙏 community member zappra and krisj for helping!

Bug Fixes

  • #3080 Status --live sends unwanted script status messages via Telegram
  • #3386 Ascendex not handling partial fills
  • #3342 cancell_all() removes manually placed orders in these connectors: Kucoin, Ascendex, BitFinex,
  • #3409 Avellaneda MM order_override on expert mode returns unexpected error running clock tick after calculating volatility
  • #3158 Buy and Sell order switch variables in Arbitrage strategy

We want to thank 🙏 community member shankinson