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Release Notes - Version 0.36.0

Released on February 08, 2021

New Exchange Connector: AscendEX

In this release, Hummingbot has added two more exchanges in its vast spectrum of connectors. Hummingbot now supports AscendEX exchange! AscendEX describes itself as a global digital asset trading platform; exchange for Bitcoin and other crypto coins & tokens; innovator of staking, margin & derivative trading products. AscendEX is a Singapore-based crypto exchange launched in July 2018. The domain name (now AscendEX) was created on February 23, 2018. The exchange offers crypto-to-crypto trading of 36 coins in 72 pairs with three markets (BTC, USDT, and ETH).

AscendEX is compatible with pure market making, cross-exchange market-making, and arbitrage strategies.

Read more about how to use the AscendEX connector here.

New Exchange Connector: Blocktane

We are glad to present to you that Hummingbot now supports Blocktane exchange! Blocktane is an exchange created by veterans of global financial markets with trading and operations experience at the largest financial exchanges. Blocktane delivers to the Brazilian market the smartest way to buy and sell digital assets.

Blocktane is compatible with pure market making, cross-exchange market-making, and arbitrage strategies.

Loopring connector updated to v3 API in Hummingbot client

In the previous version, Hummingbot used Loopring's v1 API, which has since been deprecated. With this update, Hummingbot will be using Loopring's v3 API. With the updated Loopring connector in this version, any existing API keys used previously in Loopring v1 API will be invalid. Users must generate new keys from the latest version of the exchange. Learn more about the change here #2885.

Refer to the documentation here, to update your API keys.

Introducing the new Liquidity Mining Strategy (Beta)

In v0.36, we introduce the new Liquidity Mining strategy! This strategy helps users who want to participate in Liquidity Mining. This simple strategy enables users to quickly set up a liquidity mining bot with just a few configuration parameters.

This strategy also allows users to make markets in more than one market pair on the specified exchange, boosting their liquidity mining rewards! We are planning to add more configurable parameters for more advanced users to customize the strategy further. Learn more about it here #2871.

Perpetual_market_making improvement

In v0.36, we added a new feature to the perpetual market-making strategy. stop_loss_spread is now available with the Profit_taking and Trailing_stop features. Learn more about it here #2880.

Hummingbot does not show the correct calculation of PnL and return % when initiating the history command in the previous version. A fix and enhancement were done to show the accurate calculation and output on total PnL and return % when using the history command. You can learn more here #2855.


history for perpetual_market_making requires for the position to be closed to get the right pnl and return %.

Inventory average cost added as a new price_type configuration

With this new price_type, Hummingbot will calculate the average cost of your inventory every time a buy order is filled, and all sell orders will be created at inventory_cost + ask_spread. Learn more here #2513.

Local history reconciliation with exchange history for Binance

We made some improvements to address network connectivity issues that result in missing trades or duplicate trades being recorded on Hummingbot’s trade history. We have added methods that would:

  • Pick up trade from API and will trigger OrderFilled if missing in local history.
  • Will prevent the filing of duplicated orders.

Added improvements on the interaction between connector and TradeFills table in order to check for existing orders. For more information, see here #2793.

Bug Fixes

  • #2829: Fix the 10-second delay when creating orders in the Huobi exchange
  • #2857: Addresses the problem regarding connectivity issues with Cloudflare. Fix API requests intermittently failing on Kraken.
  • #2876: Fix incorrect balance reporting when running balance command on Binance and Bitfinex exchanges
  • #2906: Fix missing trading pairs in Bitfinex and added USD missing value
  • #2907: Fix circular dependencies resulting in unexpected errors in unit tests
  • #2910: Fixes bugs pertaining to in_flight_order reconciliation and retrieving trade history
  • #2911: Fix issue about paper trading orders canceling in a loop
  • #2915: Included exponential waiting time between each Kraken API request retry interval
  • #2853: Include additional strategy file checks before collating trade data.
  • #2931: Fix error when pnl command is run. Update pnl command to check for markets config setting; this is so that it can work with the new Liquidity Mining strategy.