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Release Notes - Version 0.35.0

Released on January 11, 2021

🎉🎉 Happy New Year 🎉🎉 from all of us at Hummingbot! Since we released several new connectors in the prior release, and given the holiday break, this release is a maintenance release in which we concentrated on fixing bugs and improving usability.

Improvements to Binance Futures connector and perpetual_market_making strategy

We made a number of improvements to the Binance Futures connector that we introduced in the last release, along with the related Perpetual Market Making strategy.

Now, the strategy allows users to select how they want to manage any positions created as a result of filled orders. Unlike spot exchanges, filling a trade on a derivatives exchange creates a long or short position that changes in value as the markets move. In addition, holding a position entails liquidation risk if the user's collaterals fall below margin requirements.

v0.34.0 added a feature that allows you to tell the bot how to manage open positions. Profit-taking will enable you to set spreads at which the bot will close positions to take profit, while Trailing stop allows you to set spreads at which the bot will close positions to prevent further losses.

We've also made some smaller enhancements and bug fixes to this strategy in v0.35:

  • #2786: Fixed an issue in which the bot displayed a trading pair-rule error when starting on testnet

Usability improvements for protocol connectors

Recently, we added the Hummingbot Gateway module to allow Hummingbot to integrate with automatic market maker (AMM) protocols such as Uniswap, Balancer, and Terra.

Given the massive surge in volume and value locked for AMMs since summer 2020, AMM protocol connectors are an exciting growth area for Hummingbot. We will continue to improve the usability, power, and number of supported protocols for connectors that utilize Gateway.

In v0.35.0, we have made the following improvements:

  • Gateway #33: Added dynamic routes to the Uniswap connector to find optimal trade execution prices
  • Gateway #32: Added logging to Gateway to improve testing
  • #2784: Fixed a display issue with the history command when running the amm-arb strategy
  • #2772: Simplified parameter structure for Hummingbot-Gateway communications, which makes testing ETH connectors easier

Remove default start command

In #2496, Hummingbot no longer auto-fills the start command after the user has created or imported a strategy,

Disable balance limit from client

Previously, balance limit can only be disabled by editing the global config file. Users can now run the command in this release and set it to a negative value to disable from inside the Hummingbot client.

While setting it to 0 will initially not place any order for a specific asset until a trade is executed to accumulate the said asset.

See Balance Limit page for more information.

Order optimization now works with multiple order levels

In the Pure Market Making strategy, we have improved the order_optimization parameter to work with multiple order levels. Previously it would only work when order_levels equaled 1. See Order Optimization page for more information.

Handle multiple fee tokens in history

When there are multiple tokens used to pay fees, Hummingbot now displays a list of each fee token on the history command.

ETH rate conversion

In #2811, a message will appear on the logs after starting your amm_arb strategy that shows you an estimated conversion rate of ETH. It only shows when you are trading in non WETH markets.

Bug Fixes

  • #2801: Fixed a bug in which trading pairs with AUD as the quote asset were not showing up in the auto-complete helper
  • #2788: Remove update balance log
  • #2758: Add decimals to balancer connector request to Gateway. Balancer is modified to handle decimals properly. This should avoid errors when running the balance command.
  • #2799: paper_trade on cross exchange market making now correctly displays the maker and taker exchange when running the status command.