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Release Notes - Version 0.30.0

🚀 Welcome to hummingbot version 0.30.0!

💵 New command: Balance Limit

As described in feature request #1443, users can now apply a limit to the total balance to allocate how much the bot can access in an exchange.

This command is useful when running multiple bots sharing the same assets in an account e.g. setting a 50% USDT limit to each bot running BTC-USDT and ETH-USDT pair.

Run the command balance limit [exchange] [asset] [amount] to do this. More information in balance command.

📜 New command: Balance Paper

Adding paper trade balances can now be done easier from the Hummingbot client by running balance paper [asset] [amount]. Also, users can now check paper trading account balances by running balance paper command.

For more information and sample usage, refer to balance command in our documentation.

📖 New command: Order Book

Users can now see the market's order book by running the order_book command from the Hummingbot CLI while a strategy is running.

By default, this command shows the top 5 bid/ask prices with order volume. It can be used with optional arguments like --lines to specify the number of lines to show, --markets and --exchange if running on cross-exchange and arbitrage strategy.

📝 Continuously saving trades in CSV file

In the previous versions, users can only see the list of trades in the current session from the history command i.e. restarting Hummingbot will start a fresh list of trades in the new session.

Starting this release, all trades are now continuously saved in a CSV file that can be accessed in the data folder.

🗄 Improved trades list management in database

We changed how Hummingbot manages trades stored in the local database. This allows users to run multiple bots from the same parent directory without mixing up the list of trades in the history output.

This will also allow running multiple windows of Hummingbot via binary without errors when running the history command.

🔧 Other Enhancements

  • Ethereum node and websocket can now be configured using the config command #2011
  • Removed hang column from status output #2037
  • Improved trade fill table in history command #2039
  • Added validation for script file path when using absolute path #2035
  • Passwords created the first time are now saved #2066
  • Completely removed connector from codebase #2095
  • Implemented Huobi websocket API as part of maintaining user account balances in market connectors #2140

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Removed failing unit test test_deposit_info in Liquid #1574
  • Fixed duplicate trades bug appearing in history output #1663
  • Fixed reappeared bug in Kraken where performance calculation in history is incorrect #1671
  • Fixed reappeared decimal.DivisionByZero error in Kraken when running history command #1780
  • Fixed bug in KuCoin getting stuck when cancelling limit orders #1804
  • Fixed failing unit tests test_limit_maker_rejections and test_server_time_offset in Binance #1819
  • Fixed reappeared bug in Kraken where best bid and ask price are not updating #1901
  • Fixed IndexError: list index out of range when using order optimization with ping pong and price band #1944
  • Fixed how balances are shown per exchange in an easy to read format #2041
  • Fixed high CPU usage when running on decentralized exchange connectors #2049

Developers Updates

  • Deprecated Market order type in centralized exchange connectors #1911
  • Added LIMIT_MAKER order type to all applicable market connectors #1912
  • Added last_trade_price in market connectors #2036
  • Removed deposit and withdrawal functionality from all connectors #2061

Connector Change Summary


  • Removed get_active_exchange_markets, get_trading_pairs and get_tracking_pairs - trading pairs are passed in during init.
  • Added get_last_traded_prices and get_new_order_book functions


  • Removed data_source and _refresh_tracking_tasks functions

Market Connector

  • Removed MARKET order type for centralized exchanges.
  • Added LIMIT_MAKER order type if your exchange supports this type of orders, please integrate it into the connector.
  • Added in_flight_orders property.
  • Added supported_order_types function

Unit Testing

  • Added test_limit_maker_rejections and test_limit_makers_unfilled - to test new LIMIT_MAKER order type.

See Building Connectors for details.