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Release Notes - Version 0.29.0

🚀 Welcome to hummingbot version 0.29.0! In this release, we introduce a new feature that allows users to run custom scripts, new advanced pure market making parameter, a new connector and bug fixes.

🤖 New feature: Scripts

The new Scripts feature allows the user to create mini-Python functions that adjust how Hummingbot behaves. For example, users can automate changes to bot params when certain conditions are met. Read more about the scripts feature in the Scripts section in the documentation.


Currently, Scripts can only be used when running Hummingbot from source or with Docker. Using this feature in the Mac or Windows installers will crash the bot.

🔗 New connector: Eterbase

Hummingbot now supports Eterbase exchange! Eterbase claims to be the first regulation-compliant European cryptocurrency exchange. Read more about how to use Eterbase connector.

📊 New param: Take Crossed Orders

When using an external price source with pure market making, we added the take_if_crossed parameter that allows the strategy to fill the matching maker order when it results in a crossed market.

In certain cases, this behavior may be desirable even if the fee is higher because of the likely future price mitigation.

🐞 Other Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Additional debugging message for websocket connection issues #1426 and when orders get stuck in Bittrex #1340
  • Limit orders as LIMIT orders instead of makers and market orders are MARKET instead of takers #1980
  • Added cap on base asset range to fix a bug with inventory skew aggressively creating more buy orders even within the target range #1657
  • Reduced Infura consumption with websocket connection #1848
  • Replaced inventory skew with ping pong feature during basic configuration walkthrough with pure market making strategy #1970

  • Fixed orders getting stuck in Hummingbot client when trading on Liquid #1295

  • Fixed a bug with inventory skew downsizing both buy and sell orders at the same time in a cycle #1719
  • Fixed errors when tracking missing orders in web3 wallet class #1841
  • Fixed a bug that creates orders using all the remaining balance even when below the specified order_amount #1893
  • Fixed _optionals error when exiting Hummingbot #1946
  • Fixed unhandled trading pair error when running create command in Kraken #1959
  • Fixed client and Telegram notification when hanging orders are filled #1974
  • Fixed missing fiat currency pairs in Binance #1979