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Release Notes - Version 0.28.0

🚀 Welcome to hummingbot version 0.28.0! This release contains the new Celo connector and the new celo-arb strategy, new parameters like Ping Pong and Minimum Spread, along with a number of bug fixes and enhancements.

Help shape the direction of the Hummingbot codebase

In order to communicate the status of bug fixes and planned improvements, we recently began to publish the Hummingbot Public Roadmap. Help us prioritize stories by commenting on the ones you want, and feel free to submit new stories.

🌞 New Celo connector and strategy

We are excited to release a Hummingbot connector for Celo blockchain and exchange. Celo is a new Layer 1 protocol that relies upon arbitrageurs to maintain the peg on their cUSD stablecoin. Now, you can run the new celo-arb strategy to help stabilize their token price while arbitraging differences between centralized exchanges and the Celo blockchain.

For more information, see the celo-arb strategy page and the Celo quickstart guide.

🏓 New parameter: ping_pong

We introduce a new parameter that allow your bot to alternate placing buy and sell orders, a simple way to keep your inventory levels constant. For more information, please see the ping pong documentation page.

We want to thank 🙏 community member petrioptrv for this contribution!

🔄 Redesigned pure market making strategy

We have greatly simplified how the pure market making strategy works in this release, including the sequence of how parameters are applied and fee calculations. This allows external contributors to customize this strategy more easily.

📡 Removed dependency on external data feeds

Past versions of Hummingbot used the CoinGecko and CoinCap public APIs to fetch asset prices. However, this dependency caused issues for users when those APIs were unavailable. In this release, we have refactored Hummingbot so that the bot uses exchange order books to perform necessary conversions rather than data feeds.

Note: Assets listed in the balance command are now listed in alphabetical order rather than in USD terms.

☝️ Trade notifications

When the Hummingbot client makes a trade, it now appends a trade notification message to the lefthand output screen. Users of the Telegram integration should also see these notifications in the Telegram interface.

🐞 Other Enhancements and Fixes

  • Added a minimum_spread parameter that auto-cancels orders below a certain spread #1712
  • Paper trading mode now correctly applies fees charged by the exchange used #1722
  • On 0x relayers, Hummingbot now uses order_refresh_time to set the order expiration time by default #1833
  • Fixed a bug with BTC pairs on Kraken #1781
  • Bamboo Relay maintainer Arctek fixed bugs with Bamboo Relay that prevented it from working #1800
  • Fixed a bug with the history command on Kraken #1780
  • Fixed a bug in which paper trading mode didn't work with the cross-exchange MM strategy #1672