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Release Notes - Version 0.26.0

🚀 Welcome to hummingbot version 0.26.0! This release contains a lot of changes in the Hummingbot client, aimed at improving the user experience for new and existing users alike.

Old config files won't work

This release contains many changes to the import process, so previous strategy configuration files will not be compatible with this version.

🔐 New password screen

Now, you are asked to enter your password when you start the Hummingbot client.

⌨️ Revamped commands

We have extensively revamped the commands in Hummingbot. New commands include:

  • connect: displays a list of available exchanges and helps you connect to them
  • balance: see your asset balances across all exchanges
  • create: create a bot
  • import: import an existing bot configurationn

See the Command Reference for all commands.

🍱 Standardized parameter names and spread/percent inputs

We have changed parameter names in the Pure Market Making strategy to make them clearer. For example, the frequency used to cancel and refresh orders is now order_refresh_time (old name: cancel_order_wait_time). Here are all the new Basic and Strategy Configs parameters.

In addition, we have standardized all spread and percent inputs, so that users enter percentage values. For example, to set a 1% bid_spread, enter 1 instead of 0.01. To set a 5% kill_switch_pct, enter 5 instead of 0.05.

Any parameter names that ends with -pct or -spread use this format.

💸 Change spreads on the fly

An often-requested feature is the ability to adjust the bot without stopping it. We have started to make more parameters adjustable on the fly, starting with spreads.

Now you can use the revamped config command to adjust spreads without stopping the bot. We plan to extend this functionality to other parameters such as order amount in the future.

🔗 New Kraken connector

Hummingbot now supports Kraken exchange! Kraken is a centralized exchange where users can trade not only several cryptocurrencies but as well as various fiat currencies such as USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, CHF and JPY.

Read more about how to use Kraken connector here.

📱 Improved Telegram integration

The Telegram integration now has a smaller keyboard that doesn't block the main view. Displayed messages are now in HTML instead of Markdown to improve readability.

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Added Microsoft Visual C++ redist package as part of the setup process to fix binary installer for Windows: #1598
  • Fixed broken trading pair fetcher in Radar Relay: #1441
  • Fixed Bittrex connector failing to initialize markets: #1534
  • Fixed incorrect price precision on some BTC pairs in Binance while paper trading that results to bad orders: #1618, #1617
  • Fixed error invalid value [] when using discovery strategy: #1587
  • Fixed how history shows prices of executed trades in Liquid connector: #1415, #1589

🚀 Coming soon

Here's what we currently working on that we expect to ship in the 1-2 releases:

  • Improved order refresh logic to avoid hitting exchange rate limits when placing many orders
  • Bitfinex connector (in progress #1482)