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Release Notes - Version 0.25.0

🚀 Welcome to hummingbot version 0.25.0! In this release, we continued working on the stability of Liquidity Mining backend, scaling/optimizing the infrastructure for quicker updates and incrased capacity. There are also major improvements in pure market making strategy including inventory skew, status outputs, hanging order mode, and filled order delays.

🚰 Updated dependencies to improve stability

In order to address memory leaks that cause the bot to crash, we upgraded Python to version 3.8 as well as prompt-toolkit, the client interface framework. These fixes should greatly improve bot stability and reduce crashes due to memory leaks.

In addition, we advise users to not stop and start the bot frequently before running it long-term. This appears to elevate memory usage and cause the bot to crash more frequently. We continue to monitor this issue.

Updating from source

Due to the updated Python version, users who install Hummingbot from source need to run ./uninstall and ./clean before updating.

💥 New status command

We made some changes to how bot status is displayed to make it more informative for users.

  • Added a new section if Inventory Skew is enabled
  • Added Spread to show the order's spread from the mid price
  • Added Age column to show how long orders are outstanding from the time when created
  • Added Hang column to indicate if the active order is a hanging order
  • Shows the current Mid price

📊 New Advanced Market Marketing section

Due to the extreme market volatility in the last 2 weeks, many users have reporting losing money due to market swings. In this release, we have made major improvements to advanced market making features. We believe that these features will enable users to configure their bots so that they respond better to market volatility.

See the new Strategy Configs section to learn more about how these features work. We have described the main changes below.

Inventory skew

We changed the inventory skew algorithm to a better behaved one to limit the user's trading exposure within a defined range. This prevents users from being over-exposed from the risks of a single side of the trade when the market keeps hitting limit orders on one side only.

More information can be found in our documentation for Inventory Skew with sample scenarios.

Hanging orders

Hanging orders are now tracked as active orders when sending the status command. These orders will get cancelled after sending the stop or exit command. Also, users can now specify through cancel_hanging_order_pct to cancel hanging orders when their spreads are above a certain value.

Read through Hanging Orders in our documentation for more information.

Safer defaults

In addition to these advanced features, we also changed the default values of the following parameters to make them safer for new users:

  • cancel_order_wait_time: now 30 seconds (previously 60 seconds)
  • filled_order_replenish_wait_time: now 60 seconds (previously 10 seconds)

🐞 Other bug fixes

  • Fixed Hummingbot resetting to a command line screen when errors are shown: #1519

⚙️ Miscellaneous updates

  • Hummingbot Miner now supports Ledger Nano X as as well as mobile wallets such as Metamask Mobile, Coinbase Wallet, and Trust Wallet.
  • Minimum order amount validation now applies to order_start_size prompt in multiple order mode
  • start command no longer cancels and replaces orders if the strategy is already running

🚀 Coming soon

Here's what we currently working on that we expect to ship in the next 2-8 weeks:

Hummingbot Miner

  • Leaderboard: weekly rankings of top miners
  • Snapshot view: detailed breakdown of reward allocation in an individual snapshot
  • Market view: details about a specific trading pair

Hummingbot client