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Release Notes - Version 0.2.0

🚀Welcome to hummingbot version 0.2.0! This is the first update after the initial release of the alpha 🐣client. As you might expect, it contains a lot of bug fixes and updates. We highlight some of the most signficant ones below:

⌨ Tab-autocomplete and dropdown in the CLI

You can now press Tab to auto-complete a command when you start typing it in the command line interface. In addition, dropdown menus display the available options as users select exchanges and trading pairs.

trading pair dropdown screenshot

☁ Support for Ethereum node services

You don't have to run your own node anymore! hummingbot now supports cloud-based Ethereum node services such as Infura. For the full list of supported node services, please see this link.

⚓ Docker-compatible version

We have created a pre-compiled version of hummingbot from Docker that contains all dependencies, which allows you to run hummingbot using a single line command. Docker images of hummingbot are available on Docker Hub at coinalpha/hummingbot. See Installation for more on how to install and run hummingbot using Docker.

🗃 Separate global and strategy-specific configuration files

In the future, we expect that users will run multiple strategies, including those that they create and customize. To accomodate this use case, we separated configuration settings into:

  • Global settings that are used for all strategies, such as exchange API keys, wallets, and log/configuration file locations. By default, these are located in the conf/conf_global.yml file.
  • Strategy-specific: settings such as exchanges, trading pairs, spread, and trade size that are applicable to a specific strategy. These are located in the conf/ directory.

⚙ Trade size setting

While hummingbot automatically set trade sizes by default, some users have asked for the ability to manually override this setting. The strategy-specific settings now contain a trade_size_override parameter.

trade_size_override is denominated in the quote asset. To get the corresponding size for the base asset, divide by the price. For example, if the trading pair is ZRX-WETH, the current mid price is 0.002, and trade_size_override parameter is 1.00, then the trade sizes are 1 ETH for bid orders and 500 ZRX for ask orders.

🖨 Flush logs in real-time

Based on alpha user feedback, we realized that only saving logs when hummingbot exits may prevent logs from being saved in case of a crash. Now, logs messages are saved to the log file in real-time, so that they persist in the event of a crash.

🐞 Bug fixes and miscellaneous updates

  • Fixed bugs that prevented automatic cancellations of orders upon exiting hummingbot
  • Fixed a bug with the Binance co-routine scheduler died and prevented Binance API calls from going through
  • Improved error handling of invalid responses to command prompts
  • Increased test coverage for the cross-exchange market making strategy
  • Improved descriptiveness of log messages
  • Added an initialization message after the start command

🙏 Thank you

Last but certainly not least, a big Thank You! to the alpha testers who went the extra mile to help improve hummingbot by submitting bugs and feature requests: