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The Hummingbot Foundation’s primary role is to coordinate the ongoing maintenance and improvement of the open source Hummingbot codebase via a decentralized set of actors: Exchanges, Contributors, and Users.

  • Exchanges are centralized or decentralized exchanges, blockchain protocols, other other organizations who enter into fee share and/or other referral agreements with Hummingbot Foundation based on user trading volume. See Certification for more information about the certification process.

  • Contributors are individual developers and firms that build and maintain Hummingbot components. Contributors submit their work as pull requests to the official Github repository, and they are paid bounties when that work has been merged and included in an official release. Bounties may be funded by either Hummingbot Foundation or other community members.

  • Users are individual and professional traders who install and use the Hummingbot open source software, released every month, to run trading bots. The volume they generate on partner exchanges sustains the operations of Hummingbot Foundation.

Key artifacts

Hummingbot Foundation maintains a few public artifacts that show the community the status of various bug issues, improvements, and fixes going through the maintenance process:

  • Bounties Board: A public Github board for bug fixes and proposed enhancements with development bounties attached to them.

  • Pull Request Status Board: A public Github board for active pull requests that are being voted on, reviewed, and merged.

  • HBOT Tracker: A public Google Sheet listing HBOT distributions related to approved governance and improvement proposals.


Hummingbot employs a decentralized, community-driven maintenance process. Starting in Epoch 2, the Foundation has adopted a governance system aimed at incentivizing contributions by a decentralized network of community developers, rather than fixed component-specific maintainers.

  • Bugs: How Hummingbot assesses bugs and creates bounties to fix them
  • Bounties: Create and earn developer bounties for making improvements to the Hummingbot codebase
  • Reviews and Releases: How Hummingbot reviews and includes pull requests into official releases
  • Hackathons: Hummingbot-related hackathons

Exchange certification

Hummingbot users around the world trade billions in volume every day using our open source software. Hummingbot Foundation partners with exchanges who enter into fee share agreements with us and attain certification.

See Certification for more information about the certification process and its benefits for exchanges and for users.