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Running Multiple Bots

Multiple bots via binary

Users can run multiple bots of Hummingbot installed via binary by simply running a new instance to open a new window.

Multiple bots via Docker

Create multiple instances using ./ script. Then, use the following commands to download the create script and make it executable.


chmod a+x *.sh


curl -o
chmod a+x *.sh

Multiple bots from source


We recommend that users download and install Hummingbot separately for each instance they wish to run.

The below command downloads the Hummingbot repository from GitHub, where $FOLDER_NAME is the name of the separate directory.

cd ~
git clone $FOLDER_NAME

Do another install in the new directory.

conda activate hummingbot

Keep bots running in the background


Press keys Ctrl+P then Ctrl+Q in sequence to detach from Docker, i.e., return to the command line. This exits out of Hummingbot without shutting down the container instance.

Restart or connect to a running instance using the ./ script or use docker attach [container_name] to a already running bot in the background.

From source

Use either tmux or screen to run multiple bots installed from source. Check out these external links how to use them.

When using screen to run an instance in the background, run either of the following commands: screen or screen -S $NAME, where $NAME is what you wish to call this background instance. Use the latter to be more explicit if you want to run multiple bots.

Navigate to the folder where your separate Hummingbot is installed, then start the bot like normal.

conda activate hummingbot

To exit the screen (detach), press Ctrl+A then Ctrl+D in sequence.

To list all running instances, use screen -ls.

List Screen Instances

Log back into the screen by using either screen or screen -r $NAME to open a specific instance.

Credits to discord user @matha for this question and @pfj for the solution.

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