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Hummingbot is a local software client that helps you run trading strategies that automate the execution of orders and trades on various cryptocurrency exchanges and protocols.


Hummingbot's code is publicly hosted at, and the development branch is continually updated.

Approximately once a month, we publish an official release of Hummingbot onto the master branch. See Releases.

Installation options

🌎 Test Drive

Try out Hummingbot in your web browser without installing anything! Visit the Test Drive page on our website.

🐳 Docker

Our DockerHub publishes Docker images for the master (latest) and development builds of Hummingbot starting with version 1.5.0. For previous versions you may download the docker images from CoinAlpha's Dockerhub

We recommend this path for users who run Hummingbot on Linux, in the cloud, and/or multiple bots.

Read the Docker installation guide: Install Hummingbot on Docker

🛠️ Source

Install Hummingbot from source, including all dependencies.

We recommend this path for developers who want to customize Hummingbot's behavior or to build new connectors and strategies.

Read the source installation guide: Install Hummingbot from Source

🍓 Raspberry Pi

Hummingbot doesn't require much power, so some users have run successfully run multiple instances on a single Raspberry Pi. We maintain an experimental build that shows users how to do this.

Install on Raspberry Pi

System requirements

Hummingbot has been successfully tested with the following specifications:

Resource Requirement
Operating System Linux: Ubuntu 18.04 or later (recommended) *Other Linux installations: Debian GNU/Linux 9, CentOS 7, Amazon Linux 2 AMI
MacOS: macOS 10.12.6 (Sierra) or later
Windows: Windows 10 or later
Memory/RAM 1 GB one instance +250 MB per additional instance
Storage Install using Docker: 5 GB per instance
Install from source: 3 GB per instance
Network A reliable internet connection is critical to keeping Hummingbot connected to exchanges.

📺 Videos and Guides

Test Drive walkthrough

Installation Guides playlist