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The Hummingbot Governance Token (HBOT) is a standard ERC-20 Ethereum token that lets holders to decide how the Hummingbot codebase changes and to govern the Hummingbot Foundation through voting.

  • Issuer: Hummingbot Foundation
  • Token Contract Addressess:
  • Ethereum: 0xE5097D9baeAFB89f9bcB78C9290d545dB5f9e9CB (Etherscan)
  • Avalanche: 0x38Dcf0532699b880E6a125F7d918380524CD60a6 (Snowtrace)
  • Name: Hummingbot Governance Token
  • Symbol: HBOT
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

For minimum quorum purposes (See Proposals), the HBOT circulating supply is updated monthly. See HBOT Tracker for how the circulating supply is derived.

Date Updated 2022-09-09
Circulating Supply 64,468,803
Minimum Quorum (HGP) 6,446,880
Minimum Quorum (HIP) 1,934,064


The sole use case of the HBOT token is community governance. HBOT tokens empower holders to govern many aspects of the Hummingbot Foundation, including approving all changes to the Hummingbot codebase, electing Board of Directors, and allocating HBOT community distributions and other assets in the Foundation treasury.

Hummingbot Foundation has never sold HBOT tokens, and it will never sell or issue more HBOT tokens. The total supply of HBOT is fixed at 1,000,000,000 tokens, and all of the supply will be distributed to past stakeholders, future contributors, developers, and users.

Hummingbot Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation that earns revenues from exchange partnerships that rebate fees based on user trading activity through connectors; any excess profits above operating costs will be held in treasury, to be allocated by HBOT token holders.

HBOT Tracker

See below for a public Google Sheet that provides an overview of the HBOT token:

  • Current HBOT circulating supply and how it is derived
  • Current Foundation wallet balances
  • Approved Hummingbot Governance Proposals (HGP) and Hummingbot Improvement Proposals (HIP)
  • List of HBOT distribution transactions and recipients

HBOT Tracker

Reputable Data Sources and Markets

To prevent HBOT token holders from being scammed by fraudulent versions of the token, unverified pools/DEXs, or incorrect coin listings, below is a compilation of HBOT-related pages on reputable sources. This does not constitute investment advice or a recommendation for any platform or market listed below.

Token Data

Liquidity Pools


  • Nomad: Bridge to Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain

Voting Your Tokens

HBOT token holders can create and vote on various types of Proposals to steer the evolution of the project. Each proposal type may have different guidelines, HBOT balance requirements, and approval/quorum thresholds.

All voting is done on Snapshot, which allows for voting using your HBOT wallet balance with no gas nor transaction costs needed. Below are the respective Snapshots for each proposal type:

See Proposals for more information.

Voting Delegation

HBOT token holders may delegate their votes to other members of the Hummingbot community by enabling delegation using Snapshot Delegation.

In order to limit delegation to the HBOT tokens and Hummingbot Foundation matters (and exclude delegation for other owned tokens that also vote on snapshot), enter hbot.eth in the space field. Otherwise, leave blank to delegate all tokens.

If a user has delegated their tokens, they can still override any delegation by directly voting their tokens. Voting outright always overrides any delegation. Note that, as the Hummingbot Foundation becomes firmly established and community participation increases, token holders in the future may choose to propose to disable voting by delegation, thereby allocating greater voting power toward community members who vote outright only.