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The Serum connector is managed by Gateway V2 - where the Gateway is now responsible for all on-chain operations (e.g. fetching prices and creating trade transactions), and the GatewaySOLCLOB class on Hummingbot side is responsible for interfacing with Gateway V2.

📁 Folders

ℹī¸ Exchange Info

Serum Website | CoinMarketCap | CoinGecko

🔑 Setup

  1. Follow the instructions on Setting up Gateway to install the Gateway Docker container
  2. Run gateway connect serum and add your Solana wallet to Gateway V2 for trading on Serum.
  3. Run create to create an AMM Arbitrage strategy between Serum and a different exchange.
  4. Run start to start the strategy!

📘 Additional Resources

See Solana for more information about configuring the Solana blockchain.