Gateway supports the following types of DEX connectors:

  • AMM: Automatic Market Maker (AMM) DEXs similar to Uniswap V2
  • Concentrated Liquidity AMM: AMMs that support concentrated liquidity ranges, similar to Uniswap V3
  • Perpetual AMM: AMMs that trade perpetual futures, similar to Perpetual Protocol
  • CLOB: CLOB DEXs similar to Serum
Exchange Website Type Chain(s) Developer Status
Uniswap Concentrated Liquidity AMM Ethereum, Polygon CoinAlpha Released in v1.6.0
Pangolin AMM Avalanche CoinAlpha Released in v1.4.0
Trader Joe AMM Avalanche james-hummingbot Released in v1.5.0
SushiSwap AMM Ethereum james-hummingbot Released in v1.5.0
QuickSwap AMM Polygon james-hummingbot Released in v1.6.0
OpenOcean AMM Avalanche kanghoulin Released in v1.7.0
Defira AMM Harmony NavneethJayendran Released in v1.7.0
Defi Kingdoms AMM Harmony NavneethJayendran Released in v1.7.0
Perpetual Protocol Perpetual AMM Optimism CoinAlpha Released in v1.7.0
Serum CLOB Solana yourtrading-ai In progress
Curve AMM Ethereum james-hummingbot Open pull request
Balancer AMM Ethereum williamstarkro Open pull request
PancakeSwap AMM BNB Chain CoinAlpha Open pull request

API Interfaces

See Developers - Gateway API Interfaces for the standard API endpoints that each DEX type supports.

CLOB DEXs with Python SDKs

As an alternative to building a Gateway connector, CLOB DEXs with Python SDKs and centralized exchange-like API interfaces can choose to integrate directly into the standard Hummingbot client. See dYdX for an example of an perpetual futures DEX connector, and Loopring for an example of a spot DEX connector.