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Hummingbot Gateway

💡 DEX / Blockchain Experience Needed

Since Hummingbot Gateway is still nascent and DEX trading bots entails more specialized blockchain engineering than running CEX bots, we recommend Gateway for users with blockchain engineering or DEX trading experience.

What is Gateway?

Hummingbot Gateway, sometimes called Gateway-V2, is standalone API middleware that helps Hummingbot and other trading clients to connect to decentralized exchanges (DEX) on various blockchain networks.

Gateway manages interfacing with DEX connectors and exposes standard REST API endpoints for trading and liquidity-related functionality on these DEXs.

Essentially, Gateway is a light web server that enables Hummingbot to send and receive data from different blockchain protocols and provides an easier entry point for external devs to build connectors to other protocols.

How to use Gateway

Following the guides below to install, configure and use Gateway:

Supported DEXs

See Exchanges for the DEXs that Gateway currently supports. All DEXs with either the AMM and AMM-RANGE labels are Gateway connectors, along with certain CLOB DEX connectors.

Supported Chains

See Chains for a list of blockchains and their networks that Gateway currently supports.


See the following blog posts from CoinAlpha CTO Martin Kou for more information about Gateway's history, background, and intended developer experience:


Gateway-V1 is a deprecated version of Gateway compatible with pre-1.0 Hummingbot releases that is no longer supported.