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dydx (perpetual) Website | CoinMarketCap | CoinGecko

👷 Maintenance

  • Release added: 0.39.0 by CoinAlpha
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🔑 Connection

Since this exchange is an Ethereum-based decentralized exchange (DEX), first run connect ethereum in order to connect your Ethereum wallet. See Ethereum for more information. Then, go to dYdX and create API keys for the same Ethereum wallet.

Next, run connect dydx_perpetual in Hummingbot in order to add your API keys.

You will need the following to connect Hummingbot to dydx_perpetual:

  • API key
  • API secret key
  • Passphrase
  • Account number: set this value to 0
  • Stark private key

API credentials and a stark private key can be obtained programmatically using their documentation:

Alternatively, you can follow these steps to get the required credentials:

  1. From the dydx Perpetuals exchange, right-click anywhere on your web browser, and select Inspect to open Developer Tools
  2. Go to Application > Local Storage >
  3. Select STARK_KEY_PAIRS and click the drop-down next to your wallet address to get the stark private key
  4. Select API_KEY_PAIRS and click the drop-down next to your wallet address to get the API key, secret key, and passphrase

Deposit assets

Follow the instructions below to deposit assets onto dYdX's Layer 2 side-chain:

đŸĒ™ Fees

Hummingbot assumes 0.05% maker fees and 0.20% taker fees (source).

Users can override these assumptions with Override Fees.