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📁 Connector folder

ℹī¸ Exchange Info

CoinFLEX Website | CoinMarketCap | CoinGecko

👷 Maintenance

🔑 Connection

Run connect coinflex_perpetual in order to enter your API keys:

Enter your CoinFLEX API key >>>
Enter your CoinFLEX secret API key >>>

If connection is successful:

You are now connected to CoinFLEX.

Testnet available

Hummingbot supports the testnet version of this exchange. To connect to the testnet exchange, run connect coinflex_perpetual_testnet instead.

đŸĒ™ Fees

Hummingbot assumes 0.017% maker fees and 0.057% taker fees.

VIP tier Spot Maker Spot Taker Perp Maker Perp Taker
4 0% 0.057% -0.017% 0.057%
5 0% 0.051% -0.021% 0.051%
6 0% 0.040% -0.030% 0.040%

Users can override these assumptions with Override Fees.

ℹī¸ More Resources

VIP Trial for Hummingbot users

We can offer Hummingbot members a 2 months trial of either VIP4-5-6 (depending on targeted volumes).

VIP4: all Hummingbot community VIP5: if targeted 30d volume is > $20m VIP6: if targeted 30d volume is > $100m

Must demonstrate proof/screenshot of past history of volume. Please direct message: or

Subject to CoinFLEX discretion after 2 months trial. Exchange is now live and powered by CoinFLEX