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Gateway Connectors


Gateway-V2 takes an exchange-first approach that makes building DEX connectors much easier for developers. There exists an earlier version of Gateway compatible with pre-1.0 Hummingbot releases that has been deprecated and is no longer supported.


Hummingbot Gateway-V2, henceforth called Gateway, is API middleware that allows Hummingbot to connect to decentralized exchanges on various blockchain protocols that are used in the amm-arb strategy and other strategies. Essentially, Gateway is a light web server that enables Hummingbot client to send and receive data from different blockchain protocols and provides an easier entry point for external devs to build connectors to other protocols.

This page explains how to install and test Gateway from a developer's standpoint, so that DEXs can add their own connectors and traders can customize and modify Gateway's behavior.

See History in the main Gateway section for more information about Gateway's history, background, and intended developer experience.

Building on Gateway