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QA Testing Process

Basic validations

Connecting an API key

  • Connects when a valid API key is added.
  • Throws an error or warning if the API key is invalid, expired, or has other issues.
  • The same API key can be used on multiple bots unless specified that can only be used in one instance at a time.

Connecting an API key

  • Displays the current available balance and should match the balance shown in the exchange.
  • The allocation should be updated whenever there is an open order.

Market availability during strategy creation

  • Autocomplete lists should be available when selecting a market during strategy creation.
  • All markets should work when the created strategy is started.

Order submission and cancellation

  • Created orders must include an order ID with broker prefix if there is.
  • Orders are submitted without any error in the client.
  • Submitted order should match the information of the open order in the exchange.
  • Orders are canceled without any error.Orders are not getting stuck or left out unless it is a manual order.
  • The client should not cancel orders that are not created within the instance such as manual orders, orders created by other instances, or third-party bots.
  • Gracefully rejects/cancels orders that don’t pass the exchange rule.

Data integrity

  • Orders book in the client is in sync with the order book in the exchange.
  • Constantly update whenever there is a change in the exchange.
  • Prices are updated constantly (status and ticker) whenever there is a change in the exchange.

Filled event

Advanced validations

Compatibility with available strategies

  • The connector should work on any of the strategies available in the client unless the connector is intended for a specific strategy.
  • The connector should work both as a maker and taker exchange (spot connectors only)

Price updates and balance updates

  • In the status window, the prices are constantly being updated whenever a change takes place in the order book.
  • Available balances are updated whenever an order is created or canceled.
  • A consistent number of orders are created except if there are multiple bots using the asset, there are hanging orders or an order is removed due to a specific parameter.

Fast refresh rate

  • Gracefully cancels orders: No stuck or lost orders, and balance updates accordingly.
  • There should be no error in the logs during the fast cancellation.
  • Filled orders are tracked and saved if a filled event took place.
  • Rate limit warnings are thrown whenever the request is close to maximizing the allowed limit.
  • Stops placing an order when the rate limit is reached but maintains the connectivity with the exchange.

Long refresh rate

  • Maintains connectivity when there is an open order.
  • Gracefully cancel an order when not filled.
  • No error should come up during the period that an order is opened (exceptions if there are network issues).
  • If a network issue took place, the open orders should be tracked once the connection is established.
  • Tracked and save filled events that may happen during a disconnection.

Multiple orders

  • Simultaneously submitting multiple orders without any error.
  • Simultaneously cancels all the orders without any error.
  • Available balance and allocations are adjusted accordingly.
  • Order amounts and levels are adjusted accordingly based on the available balance.

Hanging orders

  • Continuously tracked hanging orders created within the instance.
  • Tracked and saved a filled hanging order.
  • Hanging order should be canceled whenever the strategy is stopped or reached the cancelation percentage.
  • Hanging orders remain uncanceled whenever non-hanging orders are refreshed.
  • No hanging order duplication.

Multiple bots

  • Open orders in each bot should not be affected by cancelation events happening in another bot.
  • There should be no conflicting order IDs.

history command

  • Correctly display filled order information.
  • No duplicate orders.
  • Handles partial fills.
  • Display only orders created by the instance.
  • Correctly displays asset information.

Trade fees

  • Should use the actual trade fees if available or otherwise the assumed fee levels.
  • The transaction fee recorded in the client (CSV or SQLite) should match the fee shown in the trade history in the exchange.


  • When enabled, all filled trade volume by exchange is aggregated and reported.
  • If the bot is stopped and a filled event took place within the heartbeat interval, it is still aggregated.