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Adding New Commands

Currently, Hummingbot supports the following commands:

Supported Commands

Depending on the usage of the hummingbot client, you may need to add new commands to the client. This is done by adding a new command class to the hummingbot/client/command directory.

The new command class should be called <command_name>

The new class should be called <CommandName>Command and adhere to the CamelCase naming convention.

The new class should have a function called command_name which will be ran when the command is called in the Hummingbot client.

Add the new class to the file in the hummingbot/client/command directory and add any necessary imports to the file. File

The last step is to add any other functions that the new command class may need.

Please note: check the hummingbot/client/command directory for any existing commands that may be similar to the new command you are adding.