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Hummingbot is the leading open source crypto trading bot, used by thousands of individual and professional traders and developers. Its modular architecture lets users build and maintain connectors, strategies, and other components independently, and many users have modified and customized the Hummingbot software for their own use.

The Hummingbot community is comprised of its global user base of individual liquidity miners, as well as professional traders, market makers, and software developers. Like the Hummingbot codebase itself, our community is open, decentralized, and diverse.

πŸ›οΈ Official Channels

Below are the primary channels used by the Hummingbot Foundation to release official versions of Hummingbot and to communicate news and updates to HBOT token holders.


The Hummingbot Foundation newsletter is hosted at Published with each monthly release, the newsletter also contains foundation news, upcoming events, and updates about contributions from the global Hummingbot community.


Discord is the primary hub for the Hummingbot community - announcements, user support, trading strategies, connectors, and other discussions. Official announcements are only posted in the #announcements channel.

No DMs

Hummingbot Foundation team members will never initiate direct messages to users. If a random user imitating the core team or any of the community members sends you a DM don't hesitate to report it in our official Discord channel.


The official Discourse forum is the best place for threaded discussions about governance, improvement proposals, and the long-term Hummingbot roadmap.


The official Twitter account for the Hummingbot Foundation is, where the Foundation will post news and updates.

Note that CoinAlpha maintains the Twitter account, which posts news and updates about Hummingbot Miner and other Hummingbot-related products and services.


The Foundation Github organization is located at It contains:

  • hummingbot: monorepo that contains the code for the Hummingbot trading client and Hummingbot Gateway
  • hummingbot-site: Hummingbot Foundation website and Hummingbot documentation site

  • pm: Agendas and recordings of regular Hummingbot developer and community calls

  • awesome-hummingbot: All the awesome Hummingbot links
  • streamlit-apps: Hummingbot-related StreamLit data apps and dashboards


The Hummingbot DockerHub is at: and will move to Foundation ownership soon. It contains images for the latest and development releases of Hummingbot for various environments, as well as historical releases.

πŸ‘ͺ Community Channels

The channels below are community forums moderated by Foundation staff and other key members of the Hummingbot community. While the Foundation may post relevant information about Hummingbot and HBOT there, please check the official channels first.

Maintained by CoinAlpha, the original Hummingbot website has:

  • Test Drive: a service that lets you try out Hummingbot directly from in the browser
  • Hummingbot Miner: decentralized market making platform where you can earn liquidity rewards
  • Hummingbot Academy: lessons that teach you about market making along with advanced Hummingbot tips and tricks


The Hummingbot sub-reddit contains news, questions, and posts about Hummingbot from its community.


The Hummingbot YouTube channel, maintained by CoinAlpha, contains videos that teach you how to use Hummingbot, how market making and other trading strategies work, and interviews with members of the Hummingbot community.


  • hummingbot_chinese repo: Originally a community-created resource, CoinAlpha maintains a wiki that contains general information about Hummingbot in Mandarin:
  • WeChat: Community-maintaine WeChat support group for users of Hummingbot and Hummingbot Miner. To join, add the group admin amtf202004 to your WeChat.
  • Discord #δΈ­ζ–‡ channel: