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Hummingbot is the leading open source software for building market making and arbitrage bots.

As we wrote in the original Hummingbot whitepaper, market making is an important function critical to organic, efficient markets that should be decentralized to prevent the concentration risk that exists in traditional finance.

Launched in April 2019, Hummingbot served the cryptocurrency market’s need for liquidity by enabling anyone to become a liquidity provider. Because Hummingbot pioneered a modular architecture that allowed external developers to contribute new exchange connectors and trading strategies, it has scaled into a bazaar-style open source project with many contributors and users around the world, both individual and professional.

Hummingbot was originally built and open sourced by CoinAlpha, a globally-distributed software company backed by Initialized Capital, Bain Capital Ventures, and other leading investors.

Later, CoinAlpha pioneered the concept of community-powered, decentralized market making by writing the Liquidity Mining whitepaper and built the first-ever liquidity platform for centralized exchanges: Hummingbot Miner. Miner has turned into a successful, standalone business that provides liquidity to hundreds of tokens across multiple exchanges, powered by thousands of individual market makers running Hummingbot.

Today, CoinAlpha serves institutions by building products and services on top of Hummingbot:

  • Liquidity Solutions: Advisory services for token liquidity and treasury management

  • Hummingbot Miner: Platform for crowd-sourced market making, a community-based alternative or complement to hiring a professional market maker, powered by the 18k member Hummingbot trader community.

  • Custom Engineering: Bespoke solutions engineered to solve the needs of token issuers, exchanges, and hedge funds by extending the capabilities of Hummingbot

In December 2021, CoinAlpha spun off the Hummingbot Foundation as a new open source entity that maintains the Hummingbot Github repository and administers a decentralized, community-driven system of software development.

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